Environmental Design and Why You Need It

Environmental branding infuses varying types of design principles such as architecture, graphic design, and interior design that take aspects of your brand and transform them into a physical space. A visual and tangible representation of your brand is critical to remind your customers who you are in a unique way. Visual reminders such as signage and murals can mentally transport your customers into your world, as they become a part of your space for the time being.
The Importance of Environmental Branding
Whether it’s a simple mural in the break room or signage at the front of your space, environmental design takes your brand to the next level as it gives the opportunity to help your employees and customers understand your brand’s mission and values. Environmental branding creates spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and conducive to the brand.
As we move towards a post-pandemic world, workplaces are now welcoming back employees who were previously working from home. For those coming back, they had the comforting ability to create a space for themselves. Businesses regardless of size, have the responsibility to do the same for their employees and customers using environmental branding and design.
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Let Environmental Design Elevate Your Small Business
Many small businesses tend to forget the importance of environmental branding and design. Some may say it’s extra or unnecessary when the products should speak for themselves. In this modern world full of competitors, environmental design can simply elevate your products with design principles that stand the test of time. By integrating environmental branding, small businesses can start to stand out, attract and retain customers, and enhance their overall brand image.
Environmental branding doesn’t just belong to the white-collar folk. Small businesses can apply the various principles that come to play in terms of environmental design. Simply creating an appealing storefront for your customers or a quote wall for your employees are easy ways to slowly incorporate your brand into a physical space. Although it can seem easy at first to throw around ideas at first, it’s important to understand your purpose as to why you’re adding a certain installation or piece. If you find yourself compiling random pieces together and not seeing any results come out of it, it may be time to go back to the drawing board.
To successfully execute environmental branding, there must be streamlined communication and collaboration within the team as many design principles are heavily involved. For instance, an architect creating the original concept for the space will need to think through how the graphic designers will have to contribute and so on.
The team at PetersenWest takes your vision and turns it into reality. There is something special about seeing a visual representation of your brand offscreen for the world to see. Behind any installation, there must be a strategy implemented to see results. No matter the type of business you operate, there are opportunities for growth by implementing environmental design and branding. Whether it's designing retail spaces, office interiors, or event installations, PetersenWest's environmental branding agency ensures that every touchpoint reinforces the brand narrative.
Is your brand missing the wow factor? Text or call PetersenWest for a 15-minute consultation to learn more about how environmental brand specialists can empower your business.