What makes a brand authentic? Turns out, it’s more than just the product itself. Brand authenticity is hard to define, but you instantly know it when you feel it. When you trust a brand and regularly pick it over other brands, knowing that this is the brand you want to choose, that is the result of brand authenticity.

It is built over time, with hard work and sticking to your brand values. It involves truly understanding your customers’ needs and delivering on them. Brand authenticity is what actually pushes revenue, as customers are more emotionally driven.

So how exactly do you create brand authenticity?


Be Reliable


Seems obvious right? Unfortunately, there is a lack of trust in the marketplace today. Not all brands keep the promises they make and not enough brands keep their customer’s interests above their own.

Top-performing brands, like Amazon and Apple, have maintained and improved the quality of their products over the years by staying up to date with their customer’s needs. Which helps them provide a consistent and reliable experience for their customers.

Figure out what people need and expect from your brand, then deliver on your promises. Be consistent and genuine in everything you do and say as a company.


Be Real


Every company and brand is different, but one thing that stands out with winning brands is authenticity. Authenticity doesn’t come from the type of product being sold, but from the way it’s being sold.

Successful brands take great lengths to communicate with consumers in ways that feel personal and relatable. They envision themselves as a part of the customer’s life, and every marketing message is personalized specifically for them.

In a world enveloped around social media, consumers expect even more transparency from brands more than ever before.

How real you are determines how much your customers will trust you, and to establish that trust, you need to be honest in your words and actions.


Be Respectful


By far, the most important aspect of a brand’s authenticity is customer respect. It’s imperative to treat your customers as the most important part of your business. Let every approach be intended to benefit your customers and in the end it will benefit your brand as well.

You need sincere and genuine efforts to deliver your product and service in order to help your customers. And what you do will show through.




Be reliable, be respectful and be real. That’s what gets customers to trust you and perceive you as an authentic brand. Revenue and profits are a by-product of customer centricity. Always remember that a good brand serves the customer. If you can take these ideas to heart, you’ll build better brand authenticity than millions of marketing dollars ever could.