5 Digital Advertising Trends to Implement in Your Business

As the COVID-19 pandemic is slowing down, businesses worldwide are taking this time to reflect on this past year to decide what advertising strategies worked and what didn't. It's critical to stay on top of the kinds of digital branding trends you can implement in your business to continue growth and stability.

PetersenWest, a growing digital branding agency, is here to break down five digital advertising trends that makes your business stand out from the competition.

1. Personalization

Today, customers only expect the best. There may be multiple companies attempting to do the same as you, so how are you going to stand out?

Transparency with your customer base is key to generating leads and engaging with your audience in a personalized way. AI can crunch big chunks of data that reveal metrics about your audience, which helps you configure how you want to communicate with them on various social media platforms. Personalized content is based on a user's interests and search history that strengthens your understanding about your customers.

2. Video Marketing: The Wave of Short-Format Content

Though video marketing isn't anything new, short-format videos became necessary during 2020, when Tiktok changed the game for digital marketing across multiple demographics. Getting people to react to your product in under thirty seconds can seem like a challenge. Still, people gravitate toward creative and straightforward videos that are engaging and informative about your business. As you curate fresh content frequently, you can be seen by your customers as being consistent and reliable.

Digital branding agencies can help you create content that can catch your customers' eyes with fresh and innovative strategies to get the results you need to stay on top.

3. Influencer Marketing: The Secret to Customer Relationships

One of the fastest-growing customer acquisition channels in the game, influencer marketing can become a critical component in your digital branding strategy. People head to social media to indulge in other people's lifestyle content that keeps them scrolling.

Influencer marketing keeps your customers engaged and creates natural human interaction. When your customers can see someone expressing positive insights about your products, they can connect with your product without you stepping in.

Finding your audience is never easy, but that's when the power of influencer marketing steps in. A relevant influencer has already found their niche and market, which cuts out extra work on your part. Working with influencers will help you gain user-generated content and build trust between you and your customer base.

4. Social Media Marketing: Taking Advantage of New Features

Recently, most social media platforms have been rapidly evolving new features and algorithms to keep up with the ongoing changes in today's media sphere. These changes are seen as challenges for brands that want to be relevant and consistent with their content. Instead of dreading these changes, your business can take advantage with ease.

Over the past year, people have been getting used to interacting with their favorite brands in the comfort of their own homes. Live streams and stories are content formats that are now critical to utilize to engage with your audience on a personal level.

As social media platforms undergo changes in the user experience, you can take advantage of their new e-commerce opportunities to advertise and sell your products that are accessible on your profile. This helps users quickly find your products without ever accessing your website. Although website traffic is essential for your growth, providing your customers more purchasing options gives them more opportunities to interact with your brand.

5. Conversational Marketing: Reaching Your Customers with Efficiency

Resolving any issues a customer may have with your product should be one of my main priorities. There's no way better to do that than chatbots and instant messaging to interact with your customers in a whole new way. When not used correctly, utilizing chatbots with your customers can feel ingenuine and redundant. With the proper setup and customer service team, your brand can resolve multiple inquires individually all at once.

Get to know your customers in a way you have never done before as you go through their customer journey with them.

These digital advertising trends are essential to get your business to where it should be.

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