How to Upgrade Content Strategies for Your eCommerce Site

Establishing your brand’s style is not a one-and-done operation. As your customers evolve, you will need to as well. 

In the world of ecommerce, products sell out overnight, and demand shifts rapidly across industries due to evolving algorithms on social media platforms. Amidst the changing influences to market your brand, your website content is the face of your product or service. 

To compete with your competitors, your content must be consistent and eye-catching throughout every page on your site. 

After creating and posting content without many results, many brands realize how many touchpoints it takes for customers to cross the finish line. On average, it takes 5-7 touchpoints before your customer will hit checkout. 

Content shouldn’t just sit on your site. It needs to live and breathe throughout your pages. This means constantly adjusting messaging, brainstorming strategic tactics, and creating content that has a lasting effect on your customers. 

Rethink the Customer Experience

Rethink your customers’ experience by thinking through your website content. Firstly, how does your home page look? Does it match your brand’s voice and mission? 

A beautiful fusion comes when copy and design constructively combine to bring your brand to life. Without one of the other, you are left with a site that doesn’t do your products justice. Video and motion graphics are a great way to fully immerse your customers on your website.

Additionally, your brand style should create a seamless shopping experience. Your site's style should simplify browsing, make CTAs clear, and lead customers to checkout simply by keeping to your style guide, which can include your brand’s designated fonts and colors. Your customers should never be left hanging when finding more product information. 

At PetersenWest, we assist brands by upgrading their content that reflects their values and drives their customers to engage fully with their site. The goal ultimately is to have your customer checkout. With engaging content, you’ll generate leads easier because you will have an informed customer base delighted with the customer experience you’ve provided them. 

73% of people prefer brands that personalize the shopping experience.

If you are unsure about what keeps customers coming back to your site, it goes back to the feeling of being truly seen by a brand. For you, this means you must provide a personalized shopping experience. Whether this means sending a follow-up email or reaching out to customers on social media, their shopping experience doesn’t halt after purchase. This will ensure that you keep them enticed to come back to your site time and time again. 

Content. Content. Content. 

Your customer base speaks their own language. Your mission is to speak it fluently. So, tell a compelling narrative that will stick to your customers to create that unbreakable bond. With efficacious visuals and messaging, customers will have no problem shifting loyalties to a brand that speaks to them.

Over time, varying facets of your brand will need a facelift. You must consider all aspects of your business from your customers’ perspective. Trends will come and go, so it’s important to remember to tie in who you are within all your content.  It will become essential to occasionally retract your strategy and ensure that all your messaging is consistent and truthful to who you are. 

At PetersenWest, we are more than another set of eyes for your brand. We look at your brand’s assets with your customers’ perspective at the forefront of all strategical efforts. We understand that many brands go through a rut after they cross the “honeymoon phase” of growth and success. We help create connections with visitors by educating them effectively and generating leads. 

PetersenWest creates the foundation for your eCommerce site so you can diminish your competitors. Learn more by scheduling a consultation today.